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Welcome to Stormwater Protection Systems, your trusted partner in effective stormwater management solutions. We are dedicated to creating successful partnerships by providing cost-effective stormwater cleaning services. Our commitment extends beyond efficient solutions to fostering a supportive work environment for employees who demonstrate exceptional workmanship. Discover how we can help you navigate the challenges of stormwater management with innovation and expertise.

Grate on well a concrete base during the laying water drainage construction

Stormwater Protection Services, in collaboration with Lane County, offers an exclusive program for storm drain cleaning support. This program provides discounted rates for cleaning services, ensuring efficient stormwater management for businesses and communities.

Storm Water Catch

Our expertise lies in Stormwater Catch Basins, covering everything from manufacturing and installation to thorough cleaning. We prioritize the proper functioning of these essential components for effective stormwater management.

Vactor Truck

Our specialized Vactor trucks and expert crews provide various services, including hydro excavation, jetting/rodding, and comprehensive cleaning. These services ensure that storm drains and related infrastructure are maintained at optimal levels.

Erosion Control

At Stormwater Protection Services, we specialize in selling and installing Basin Bags, ensuring clean streams during construction projects. Our expertise in erosion control products supports effective stormwater management and environmental preservation.


Our maintenance programs are tailored to assist businesses and individuals in disposing of contaminated materials, adhering strictly to EPA guidelines. 

Your Business is Ours

Stormwater Protection Services is committed to providing quality, reliable Vac services to ensure your system remains clean and efficient. We strive to excel in every aspect of our work, offering high-quality, safe products that contribute to a cleaner environment. 

Catch Basins - The Key to a Cleaner Environment

Catch Basins play a crucial role in preserving water quality. These engineered structures are designed to capture sediment and debris from roads and parking lots, preventing them from polluting our stormwater drainage system. By acting as a barrier, catch basins safeguard nearby water bodies like rivers, streams, and creeks, maintaining the health and sustainability of aquatic ecosystems.

At Stormwater Protection Services, we prioritize maintaining and cleaning catch basins to ensure their optimal functionality. Our cost-effective stormwater cleaning services help prevent clogging and enhance sediment capture capabilities, significantly preserving water quality. Moreover, we cultivate a supportive work environment for our employees, recognizing and rewarding exceptional workmanship that drives successful partnerships and superior results in stormwater management.