Enhancing Water Quality with Expert Catch Basin Services

Catch basins are pivotal in preserving water quality by intercepting sediment and debris from roads and parking lots, preventing them from contaminating our stormwater drainage system. These engineered structures act as crucial barriers, safeguarding nearby water bodies such as rivers, streams, and creeks and ensuring the sustained health of aquatic ecosystems.

At Stormwater Protection Services, we prioritize maintaining and cleaning catch basins to uphold their optimal functionality. Our cost-effective stormwater cleaning services prevent clogging and enhance sediment capture capabilities, significantly contributing to preserving water quality.

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catch basin design

Unique and Highly Effective Design

The Gibson Catch Basin, a product of Gibson Steel Basins and a cornerstone of Stormwater Protection Systems’ offerings, is a single-chamber metal device designed to collect rainwater runoff efficiently. These catch basins feature traffic-rated grafting and a hinged trap arrangement, effectively filtering sediment and allowing water to exit the outlet and integrate into the drainage system. Additionally, the Sand Collector, a double-chambered variant, offers an even higher degree of sediment removal. Both devices feature removable filters with non-leaching properties, enabling easy disposal through regular trash removal processes. Widely applicable in various settings, from parking lots and car washes to residential areas, these innovative solutions epitomize the commitment of Gibson Steel Basins and Stormwater Protection Systems to environmental stewardship and water quality preservation.

Catch Basin Repair

Catch Basin Repair service is crucial for maintaining the functionality and integrity of catch basins, as mandated by municipal regulations concerning storm water management. We strictly adhere to guidelines that require only manufacturers to perform repairs on catch basins, ensuring the highest quality standards.

A key aspect of our repair service is the installation of catch basin sleeves, which provide an additional layer of protection and reinforcement to extend the basin’s lifespan and prevent leaks. Additionally, we address the replacement of damaged or deteriorated grates, frames, and traps to ensure proper drainage and prevent debris from entering the catch basin system.

Through specialized expertise and manufacturer-approved repair techniques, our Catch Basin Repair service effectively restores catch basins’ functionality and structural integrity, contributing to storm water management systems’ smooth and efficient operation.

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